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Children's Birthday Party Details
Happy Birthday! Parties and Picnics

Birthday Balloons
  • Special Balloon Sculpture - A HUGE Special Balloon Sculpture for the Birthday Child
  • Magic Show - A 30-35 Minute Interactive Magic / Clown Show
  • Balloons - Balloon Twisting / Balloon Animals for All
  • Temporary Tattoos - LOTS and LOTS of choices - Pick as many as you like!!
  • Balloon Launch - A HUGE Birthday Celebration Balloon Launch
Clowning Fun!
One charge for the entire party !!    (Between 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours)

Lucky's Other Helpful Party Suggestions...
  • For smaller children (3-4 year olds), Lucky can:
    • Emphasize the balloon twisting and other activities, while minimizing the illusions (older children relate better to the illusions).
    • Also bring some funny face balloon stickers which they can apply to an 11" balloon
  • Please tell the kids there will be a clown and also a little bit about clowns. Also include my website on the invitations so they can take a look at me. Your reward is in watching them anxiously anticipate Lucky's arrival and enjoy the party.
  • Try to have all the children there when Lucky arrives.
  • Lucky has always had great success with the kids; if a child is apprehensive at first, not to worry! The child usually warms to the situation in a few minutes if you don't force them to participate immediately.
  • Less than 15 children works best. More than 15 kids is still OK, but it is not as easy to keep the kids busy.
Birthday Cake